League Of Legends For Beginners


If you have not heard of nor have seen an ad of League of Legends, you have probably been living under a rock. League of Legends is an extremely popular competitive game played around the world where strategy and skills are combined to get ahead of the competition. I first heard of League of Legends from friends who love computer games. They were discussing DOTA, comparing the old one with the new release. Someone then asked if they have tried playing LOL and some said yes. That was the start of my acquaintance with League of Legends.

Since I did not know anything about the game nor any other computer games for that matter, I tried educating myself by asking questions. I learned that LOL is much like many other online multiplayer games. That means you can download the game but it is played online with many other people. This game is played in the magical realm called Summoners Rift where anything and everything is possible. Characters are called champions. The goal of the game is to be able to use one champion among the one hundred or so to win the game which usually lasts for about 20 minutes to one hour or more depending on the skill of the player.Each champion gains points whenever it performs any of the basic activity, and the points are then accumulated to be used for leveling up and for purchasing power-boosting accessories.

Like many other multiplayer online games, LOL has two teams of various characters pitted against each other.  If you are new to the game, you are better off with an easier to control champion. You, along with your teammates seek to destroy your opponent's camp or Nexus, but along the way you will be flooded with various challenges. You need to employ strategic thinking, using your champion's strength to overcome those challenges.

 You would also have to learn to kill the minions and monsters for they bring in cash and gold. The better skilled you are, the more you win, which place you higher in the rank. So those in the top ranks are excellent players, or so I thought. It turned out that there are players who wanted to get ahead of the others fast and they do it through lol boost . Boosting means using another person to play for you so you can rank higher.

Remember that LOL is a highly competitive game and some players get intensely serious about it that they wanted to reach the top levels fast. There are various ways lol elo boost can be done but the safest and easiest way to do it is to hire a professional gamer whose livelihood is to play games, either for themselves or for others.

My encounter with League of Legends has left me mystified as to the ability of the game creators. I am amazed not just at the technical skills they have portrayed but the level of creativity and imagination this game displays. My acquaintance with League of Legends has left with a better understanding of the game and why many players are hooked to it.